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   GRAS Child Development and Educational Association is non-profit organization established in 2015. The main objective of this organization is to conduct education-based programs for elementary and middle school children. The focus of these programs would be to provide children with a rich, vibrant, and stimulating atmosphere centered about a theme of education, primarily targeted at improving their mathematical and analytical skills. The activities will be aimed at encouraging children to develop new skills and interests, think critically, make decisions and solve problems. Our aim is to bring out a child’s individuality and support that with creative and artistic play. The programs will be organized at several conveniently located elementary and middle schools, making them easily accessible to many neighbourhoods. The activities will be carefully designed to create a child-centered atmosphere geared towards providing a variety of unique enrichment and learning activities that reinforce the education experiences of children, promote personal and social development, and foster a lifelong interest in learning.

Email:  grascdea@gmail.com
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